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Middlesex Community College
Student Mathematics Team

Middlesex Math Team 2006 to 2007
Left to right. Sitting: Josyel Perez, Alex Hatherley, Justin Burack, Dan Sena, Prof. Dora Ottariano. Standing: Prof. Mary Mogan-Vallon, Matt Vallon, Jaclyn Payne, Nathan Gilbert, Elliott Moy, Guang Li, Prof. Phil Mahler Not shown: Michael Francione, Adam LaRock, Brian Geaudreau, Patrick Scannell, Dan Farris, Katayoon Hamzehdoost, Ryan Stanford, Sanan Majarjan, Jessica Jay, Ramon Ramirez, Ricky Chantha

Middlesex has participated for the second straight year in the AMATYC Student Mathematics League. Middlesex has made itself felt in the Northeast region, which includes New England and New York State. Nationally, the AMATYC Student Math League test is taken by over 1,000 students nationally, in over 100 two year colleges, and there is a $3,000 scholarship awarded to the top national finisher. There is a fall and a spring test, and the top five scores are combined for a team score.

Last year, eleven Middlesex students took one or both of tests. Middlesex’s Nathan Gilbert finished first in the Northeast region! With another student, Michael Francione, Middlesex had two students in the top 10, and the team finished a respectable seventh in the Northeast region.

This year twenty Middlesex students have taken one or both of the tests. The Middlesex team tied for first place in the Northeast region, with Massasoit Community College, and it has 3 students in the top 20 in the Northeast region – Nathan Gilbert, Elliott Moy, and Jaclyn Payne.

The top five scores are reported to AMATYC in each round. For the year, the top five Middlesex students were Nathan Gilbert, Elliott Moy, Jaclyn Payne, Guang Li, and Matt Vallon.

The New England Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges, NEMATYC, has instituted prizes for the top five students (limited to one per school) in the NEMATYC region, which is all of New England except Connecticut. Nathan Gilbert finished first in the NEMATYC region, and was awarded a $100 prize from NEMATYC. The Mathematics Department hosted a pizza and recognition event in April and team members received prizes from the department. The team moderators are Professors Philip Mahler, Mary Mogan-Vallon, and Dora Ottariano. Pictures and other information are at http://sml.nematyc.info/Middlesex/ .