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The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges ( Student Math League conducts a mathematics contest every year, giving one test in the fall and one in the spring. Participating colleges are divided into eight regions. New England colleges are in the Northeast region.

The New England Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges is an affiliate of AMATYC, and supports and encourages the participation of colleges in New England in this league. NEMATYC offcers prizes to the top winner at each NEMATYC colleges, provided only that the winner must have participated in both the fall and the spring tests.

The purpose of the NEMATYC Student Mathematics League Recognition Awards Program is to foster extracurricular mathematics learning opportunities for students through participation in the AMATYC Student Mathematics League (SML). The top-placing student in the AMATYC SML Competition at each school in NEMATYC’s region receives a $100 award. The only criteria is the student must participate in both the Fall and Spring competitions.

The top school receives the Lois A. Martin NEMATYC Student Mathematics League Award.

There are two tests given in the annual Student Math League (SML) contest, one in the fall and one in the spring. Colleges may easily register with AMATYC to participate.

Dates for the Student Mathematics League Math Competition are at the AMATYC website - look for the Student Math League link.
  • Who is eligible? Any two-year college student, full or part time, who has not earned a two-year college or higher degree is eligible to participate.
  • How does a team member compete? Two examinations are given during periods in November and February/March. Each test lasts one hour. You may participate in one or both of the rounds during the academic year.
  • What is the level of the tests? Precalculus mathematics. Questions may involve precalculus algebra, trigonometry, synthetic and analytic geometry, and probability. Questions are short answer or multiple choice.
  • Are calculators allowed? Students are permitted to use any scientific or graphics calculator which does not have a regular computer keyboard (a QWERTY Keyboard).
  • How can I prepare for the examinations? Copies of old examination questions are available for you to use for practice. Your college may host one or more practice sessions. But, you don't have to prepare to take the test.
  • How do I Participate? Contact one of your mathematics professors to see if your college participates.

Want to practice and see what the tests are like?

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1997-1998 1999-2000 2001-2002 More recent tests are on the AMATYC web site.